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The Hardest Moments

So here's the thing. 

There's this someone who has been lying not only to me, but to everyone all this time. I won't tell you her name, because for all I know it might even be you, dear reader. But all I can say about her is that she is very close to me. Or so I thought. 


Dear (insert name here), 
I know we were never the closest of (insert relationship here) but, weather you see it or not, I've always tried to do my best to be closer to you. Ask anyone, I've got to your friends, family and even your brother, but really, it's just you. Then when I got a chance to talk to your sister, she told me everything, how you always hated me since we were small, even though I have done nothing to you back then. Or maybe that's it. I have done nothing from the start to get close to you, so you have acquired a different impression of me, but truth be told, I am not the same person anymore. As you can see, I've changed, and practically everyone saw, and it's just you who hasn't because you refuse to see. Then you go about and blame everyone who goes against you and your ideals when you don't even want to talk to any of us about it. But, in case you don't know; just because we aren't as close as before, I will always consider (insert name of ex-best friend here) as a friend no matter what, and guess what (insert bitch/bastard), she tells me things about you. No, she tells me everything about you, and once again, you wouldn't know because you refuse to believe. Another thing that's wrong with you is that you don't know what trust is, moreover, you have no idea what a family is, only because you are a child, blinded by what you think is right, and like a child, you dare not seek advice from others, especially your family who cares most about you. This may be much like a hypocrite for me to say but, our standings are very much so different, and apparently, you don't know your way around yet. But in your refusal, as much as they would take you back home, you sneak out every night just to get back to this damned place, and once again do as you wish. But you see, your sister and I have been getting a lot of news about you lately and we don't know how to help because we aren't even sure if it's true. *Le sigh* Well (insert name here), as I knew you, you were a good kid, but now, it's like I barely know you at all. Farewell the (insert name here) that I once knew. 


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