Writer's Block: Father figure
What's the most memorable piece of advice your father has shared with you?


"Sometimes all you have to do is say yes, so it's all done with." 

Writer's Block: See you on the other side
If you could find out what happens after you die, would you want to know?


Who wouldn't want to know? And in my case. Curiosity overwhelms me as I think of where I would go after I have lived this forsaken life. ((: 

Writer's Block: Play it again, e-reader
Which book do you find yourself regularly rereading, and why?

The Art of War by Sun Tzu. 

Ehh, well. Other than Bushido, The Art of War was very much interesting the first time I read it. So, somehow it became a habit for me to read a few lines in the book before I actually decide to sleep. XD 

A Simple Letter to Those Who Could See
 What good would it do that humanity would know of its' existance. 
What good would any generation make of it, as the outcome of this hoax apocalypse. 
Would it still be called the human race after us ?
Or. What if our planet would just sink into a deep abyss or vortex and just move on to another climate.
Would it still be the same?
Is it possible for others to die in terror, or be beheaded for their religion?
Would the law still apply to us as we move on and not be called humans?
Or should we simply adapt to the laws of nature, of which we would most likely fail at. 
What would be the long term effect of having been told these lies. 
By our parents? our schools? our government?
Would it do the children of the nearing future any good, to be threatened by something that cannot simply exist because of simple equations or readings? 
Or is it possible that we were given the power to be able to stop the end from happening? 

The only reason why I have lost track of the moon while counting the stars is that I just realized that I have been brought to a whole different planet. Where the moon hides at night, and behind the sun shall it seek attention at day. But nay can anyone see it, neither do I. For I was not born a god, nor another sort of entity to have such great power. But then, there was this one day that I have submitted to the sin of looking into the sun, trying to find the hidden moon. And in those few moments, I was able to see beauty beyond all that I have known and ever imagined. Then, I was struck by a bright light, moving towards me. The next thing I saw after I shut my eyes, was complete darkness. And there I was, in my own lonely planet. Unable to see anything else, for I have seen quite many various things in my day. And now, I wale in the thought that I have just died at the sight of what I thought was the most beautiful, and at the end, my own idea of perfection has blinded me.

A Failure
It was math time, and we all know how I do not qualify for the enrichment sector of Math class, and I only meet the common standards of the regular class. So with that as a fact, you, dear reader would probably figure out that indeed, I am no nerd, no bookworm, or perhaps any description that states 'one has no interest in studying' then, hello there, for that very well describes me. Though, I really don't plan on not studying at all, it's just that, I have very much given up on Mathematics. Yes, math is my sworn enemy, and by this time, it hath won the battle, and all I am doing now is waiting for the war to be declared. 

Just yesterday during math period, our teacher was either mad or just plain sarcastic ( I just really could not decipher, for she is not my regular day by day teacher) But what she said stayed with me. She said that all those who failed both the first term and second term, and are most probably inclining to fail the last term may succumb to compulsory summer school. And that is what I have feared the most, for my entire being, in matters concerning my academics. And to think that all this time, all that I had to go through this school year that I did and did not prepare for, all these things that I have worked for and all that I wanted to do during this summer, will all crash down to the fact that I have a 90% chance of going to forced summer school. And that is not the worst part, once my parents find out, I will not only never see my credit card again, but also, I might not even be able to go to the US anymore, or probably, anywhere that they are going, for that matter. If only the teachers knew. If only they knew that I am like no other student, for my Friday nights are not filled with late night gigs, drinking and partying, no. I have to spend mine in most, a sophisticated manner, of which, I even have to abide by some dress code or sign some confidentiality waver. Then there's also my very own Mother who had to undergo Chemotherapy and she would always be in such a bad mood and with bad temper for weeks, and she would even give severe punishment to those who go against her. And I can never tell of these things to my school, no way. They would never listen or believe me when I admit to these means. Heavens no, they would just take sides with their generation, those of the adults, like all others. 

I hope that by the time the future demands me to solve some trigonometry, quadratic calculus or what not "problem" in math, I hope that I just get it right and I need not explain. And although I know that I need to be a brilliant mathematician to become an architect, which I also wish to pursue, I just hope that I learn all this once and fast. So please, help me God to pass this final exam. Just that, I just hope I miraculously get a high score, to somehow pull my grades higher, even just for the final grade. And with that, I pray. 

We were Grade 6, as I remember, when we just came up with our Barkada. There was really no reason why we made it, it was just instinct, I guess, because we all felt that we belonged and that if we were all friends we would actually understand each other more. And so it started out as having lunch together everyday, where in we would all tell random jokes and stories to each other and just laugh about it, no matter how shallow it is. It was the company of each other that made us all feel at home, for most of us had family problems, where in being together with the group was the only place they could call home.

But now, we have all started to drift away from each other, and none of us are sure where home is. We've all lost contact on group communication, and our little groups from before are now more emphasized. Now we are truly divided, upon which, it brings us to question if that barkada still exists. 


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